Shrimpy helps thousands of crypto investors manage their entire portfolio in one place.

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Invest in The Future

That simple phrase holds a lot of meaning for cryptocurrency investors, the people who took bold risks to build and profit from this emerging sector.

And since 2018, Shrimpy has helped those daring investors manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. Today, we’re still going strong, and we’ve given ourselves a new mission with Shrimpy Academy: bring traditional investors into the fold.

The Shrimpy Platform

Shrimpy is an automated cryptocurrency portfolio management tool that helps investors manage their capital through a unified app that saves time and maximizes returns through the power of automation.

To learn more about our the Shrimpy platform, visit our main website.

Shrimpy Academy: Mission

To build an investor’s blockchain education from the ground up and assist them with strategic and technical advice.

Accessible Education

There is no Library of Alexandria for blockchain technology. Our goal is to collect all relevant information scattered across the internet to build a unique hub of crypto resources.

Protect Your Returns

Decentralized technology changes the way we control our finances. We wish to help the community thrive as much as possible in a competitive and sometimes predatory market.

Build Trust

We wish to represent a trusted educational source limited in its bias. Our content provides readers with objective insights into how the top cryptocurrencies work.

Mastering DeFi

Start Your DeFi Journey

Mastering DeFi prepares you for the brave new world of decentralized finance. If you want to learn more about yield farming, lending, governance, and other groundbreaking concepts, click the button below to download our introductory guide to DeFi.