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Welcome to the Shrimpy Academy, a free education platform focusing on the disruptive technologies of blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Courses

Crypto is a chaotic place, we know. If you have no idea where to start and wish to closely study blockchain technology in a linear fashion, we recommend reading Shrimpy Academy's courses for the best results possible

People You Should Know

To outsiders, the blockchain industry may look like a cult. Developers are venerated, CEOs idolized, and influencers adored. Since community plays a big part in crypto, knowing our industry’s leaders is incredibly important. Here are the people you should know.

Start your DeFi Journey

Mastering DeFi is an introductory guide that prepares you for the brave new world of decentralized finance. If you want to learn more about yield farming, lending, governance, and other mysterious concepts, this is the perfect place to start and become a part of DeFi.

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About Shrimpy Academy

Blockchain is not only disruptive to the world, but for our minds as well. Filled with unknown and sometimes strange ideas, decentralized technology is hard to grasp even for more advanced users.

Understanding how difficult it is to venture into this sector, we have decided to create an intuitive platform for crypto fans of all levels - The Shrimpy Academy.

It does not mater whether you have discovered cryptocurrencies a day ago or have spent the last few years investing. We are here to provide high-quality content that will help make a difference in your journey.