A Guide to Crypto Twitter

Apr 26, 2021

City-states in Ancient Greece had the concept of ‘Agora,’ a casual assembly where citizens could discuss business, art, politics, social trends, and other aspects of life. Having a literal translation of ‘gathering place,’ these complexes represented the center of every city, providing a location where people of the Hellenic world can speak in public.

Today, social media represents the modern equivalent of an Agora. Individuals from all around the world have a digital place where they can voice their opinions and share thoughts. 

Due to their inherent volatility, cryptocurrencies are speculative in nature, and every speculation leads to discussions. Because of this, it is not strange that digital assets have their own respective place on social media. Not only are there entire communities dedicated to crypto, but there is also an entire subculture devoted to our favorite disruptive assets.

Investors talk about cryptocurrencies almost everywhere. There are Telegram groups, Discord servers, and even Facebook pages full of our fellow community members. However, none are as dominant as Crypto Twitter.

Twitter is the number one gathering platform for blockchain enthusiasts, and in this article, we will explain why that is so and showcase the most influential accounts. 

What is Crypto Twitter?

Crypto Twitter is a niche community consisting of developers, investors, companies, influencers, and even modern-day philosophers who enjoy discussing cryptocurrencies. It is the heartland of the crypto community, and it serves as the breeding ground for memes, ideas, speculation, and social initiatives.

In fact, this special place is similar to any other small community that chatters about its hobby. The only difference is that Crypto Twitter is more diverse than any other place, given that there is no limitation as to who can invest in digital assets. Individuals from both ends of the political spectrum and all corners of the world join their voices together to form a unique site. 

Use Cases

After starting their journey, beginners wander into Crypto Twitter one way or another. Some accidentally discover it after searching for their project’s social media, while others become interested in tracking crypto-related news. Most likely of all, new market entrants begin looking for investment or trading opportunities.

Crypto Twitter has a number of use cases, and it truly has everything for everyone. To gain a better idea of why everyone uses CT, we will showcase its three important use cases.


Speculation is a fundamental force in the blockchain universe. Crypto Twitter is filled to the brim with speculation, and both experts and beginners alike enjoy theorizing about which way the market will go next.

Due to its large size and extensive diversity, CT is a powerful place for finding and expressing trading ideas. For example, we can use hashtags (#Bitcoin) or the dollar symbol along with an asset’s ticker ($BTC) to discover charts, fundamental analysis, and opinions regarding a particular project.


Who doesn’t like the sense of belonging in a group? Cryptocurrency investors are the most isolated social group in the world since their experiences and hardships are not relevant to the average person. It is tough to connect with someone who is not a part of the market, and therefore most users feel like they are alone in their journey.

As a result, traders use Crypto Twitter to find communities and connect with individuals who may be just as new as them. Again, we have to point out that CT is a diverse community and that you can find just about anyone there. 

Some influencers want to obtain a large following, small traders with only a few hundred followers, people who have stuck around for several years, etc. Even if Twitter is not for you, it is possible to find a smaller community that shares their thoughts on a private Discord server or Telegram group.


Crypto Twitter is effectively our version of the Bloomberg Terminal. Developers, investors, industry leaders, analysts, and even insiders share news regarding cryptocurrency all the time. Those who spend a huge portion of their time on Crypto Twitter are usually the ones to find out about a project update, exchange closure, or network bug within minutes of it happening.

Why is this a good thing? News plays an important role in investing, and since markets are, per some, purely psychological, it is possible to gain an edge by reading important news right on time. 

For example, a DeFi project that you are invested in might announce that it experienced a flash loan in which it lost millions of dollars. If you encounter the update within minutes of being disclosed, you can take action right away and sell. By doing so, you effectively avoid bearish volatility and walk away without almost any losses. 

Who should you follow?

Although small in size, Crypto Twitter is still difficult to explore. With thousands of accounts, it will take time to find an impressive user which you may like or a market expert who shares great calls. To save your time, we have compiled a categorized list of important industry leaders who are definitely worth following.


Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin)

As the co-founder and main developer of Ethereum, there is really nothing much to say about Vitalik Buterin that you may not already know. Even though he does not usually spend his time arguing with the rest of CT, you will often find the newest Ethereum updates and proposals directly on Buterin’s profile.

Andre Cronje (@AndreCronjeTech)

Andre Cronje is the brain behind Yearn Finance, a popular yield farming platform. Cronje is one of the first developers to enter the space of decentralized finance, and with his help, DeFi progressed far in 2020. While Cronje used to post personal commentaries and opinions in the past, he now limits his activity to sharing updates for the Yearn Finance ecosystem.

Hayden Adams (@haydenzadams)

Hayden Adams is the founder of Uniswap, DeFi’s largest decentralized exchange. After joining the blockchain industry a few years ago and forming relationships with the Ethereum team, Adams ventured into developing projects with his new programming skills. Apart from project updates, you will also find Hayden Adam’s personal views of various crypto events. 

Stani Kulechov (@StaniKulechov)

Stani Kulechov is another beloved member of Crypto Twitter who is famous for launching Aave, a DeFi lending protocol. Kulechov is a mixed bag as he shares anything from AAVE updates to casual comments and memes.

Banteg (@bantg)

Banteg is one of Yearn Finance’s core developers. He posts anonymously, but that did not prevent him from obtaining a large following on CT. Banteg usually chats with other developers, criticizes DeFi projects, and participates in governance discussions.

Samson Mow (@Excellion)

Enough with DeFi developers, Bitcoin maximalists can find their favorite dose of BTC updates and analysis by following Samson Mow. Mow is a core developer who works at Blockstream, and he enjoys spreading a good word about cryptocurrencies. As fervorous as he is, you may sometimes find heated discussions between Mow and Ethereum maximalists.

Industry Leaders

Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop)

Andreas Antonopolous is a proud Bitcoin advocate and tech entrepreneur who wrote best-sellers in the area of blockchain technology. He provides insights into the blockchain industry and how it works, often sharing valuable information and predictions about the future of cryptocurrencies. We also have to note that he spends a lot of time writing educational content for beginners and experts alike.

Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong)

As the CEO of the largest U.S. crypto exchange, Brian Armstrong is an important figure which you must follow. Armstrong regularly shares Coinbase updates, analysis, and announcements which are crucial for your cryptocurrency experience.

Changpeng Zhao (@cz_binance)

Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, is the CEO of another prominent exchange. As the owner of Binance Zhao often discusses important crypto topics, predictions, commentaries, and updates relating to where Binance is headed.

Winklevoss brothers (@cameron, @tyler)

No Crypto Twitter experience is complete without the Winklevoss brothers. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss bring valuable conceptualization of everything related to digital markets, and they also like to share their views on how cryptocurrencies progress and what we can expect in the future.


SalsaTekila (@SalsaTekila)

SalsaTekila is an anonymous trader who has been a part of crypto ever since the last bull run. Despite being new to the market, in respect to older generations of traders, SalsaTekila has still managed to shine bright on CT through sheer trading skills alone. He often shares his thoughts about trading psychology and how to overcome trading impulsively. 

Red (@redxbt)

Red is both a jokester and professional trader who is a clear favorite among the crypto community. He posts crypto analysis from time to time but spends most of his time in his Discord server and Twitch streams. 

Loomdart (@loomdart)

Loomdart is another eccentric crypto enthusiast who enjoys interacting with the community while sharing market commentary and good trading takes at the same time. He might post too many memes but following him is often worth gaining a new market perspective from time to time.

Final Word

Crypto Twitter feels like an alternative universe where alien beings argue about virtual money all the time. However, once beginners slowly adapt to the new environment CT becomes not only fun but valuable as well. Newcomers have the chance to meet new people, join communities, learn more about blockchain technology and even gain insight in regards to different trading ideas and market analyses. 

With the aforementioned list of influential Crypto Twitter accounts, you can begin your journey into crypto’s dominant social media platform and slowly branch out as you discover other users. Be careful though, Crypto Twitter might be addictive for some.

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